Wendy G. Wolman

Before you go any further ... YES!
It's that time again (no groaning please)
My favorite holiday! In honor of this, I have resurrected my halloween site from the dead.
yeah, yeah, I know I should have left it die the death years ago when I created it .. but sorry fans
here it is - come back to haunt you
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To design, construct, manage, maintain and promote Web sites using my
creative, organizational and communications skills.


Independent Innovative Creative Inquisitive Assertive
Problem Solver Conscientious Common Sense Approach




The Sponsorship Report

Behal Photography

The Back Store

Web sites

Team Plant - Toronto Real Estate Services

CompuBooks Business Services

Robert Ladd

Dr. Daniel B. Dietz, Endodontics

The Back Store

Fred & Lee Tobias

Steve Behal Photography

Steve Behal Wedding Photography

David Latchman Photography

NO-Slip Treatment

Surface Safety Solutions

Senior Insurance Solutions

David L. Raass, DMD

The Canadian Business Site Award

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute - Class of 1969



Dogs I Have Loved and Lost (personal)

Pet Memorial Site (personal)

...more on the way!

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